OMEP, the World Organisation for Early Childhood Education, is an international, interdisciplinary, non-governmental organisation, founded in 1948 in Prague, to benefit children under the age of 8 years throughout the world. OMEP is registered in Paris.

  • OMEP provides a meeting ground for representatives from a range of professions and nationalities concerned with the care and education of children aged eight years and younger.
  • OMEP seeks to promote research and the dissemination of knowledge about quality early childhood education.
  • OMEP also acts as an advocate for children, their rights and their best interests.
  • All work in OMEP is carried out on a voluntary basis.
  • OMEP is currently represented in 70 countries and co-operates with other international organisations with similar aims.
  • OMEP has operational status and works collaboratively with UNESCO.  OMEP is also represented, worldwide, at the meetings of UNICEF, the Council of Europe and ECOSOC.
  • OMEP has an annual work plan. The focus for 2010 is to build relationships with Asia-Pacific region.