OMEP World Project 5 2014 Teacher Education Loving the place where you belong: Ecological identity

OMEP World Project 5 2014 Teacher Education Loving the place where you belong: Ecological identity PowerPoint

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OMEP Asia-Pacific eNews #52 May 2015



Books for young children on Social Sustainability/Environmental Sustainability

Ingrid Engdahl visit to Auckland OMEP

Report on the 68th OMEP Assembly Korea 2016

How to build Tippy Tap UNICEF


Why New Zealand is failing its kids


A message from Judit Wagner (World OMEP Deputy President and WASH Project Coordinator) 


Global Handwashing Day (GHD)  is coming soon.  As you know, at the 2016 World Assembly, we all agreed to scale up our GHD activities and to promote water, sanitation, and hygiene education as an integral part of high quality early education throughout the year.  

Here are some links to very helpful GHD websites:

Basic information, downloadable, news updates, and event ideas:

Downloadable Global Handwashing Day images: global hand washing day

Activity sheets, songs and games, celebration ideas, and references: 

Resources for Global Handwashing Day:

Information on the Public-private Partnership for Handwashing, including downloadable resources:

UNICEF information and resources for Global Handwashing Day

UNICEF images on Global Handwashing Day:  unicef global handwashing day

Information and Resources from the Center for Disease Control:

Facebook page for Global Handwashing Day:

Center for Disease Control Handwashing Guidelines:  CDC Handwashing Guidelines

Judith T. Wagner

World OMEP Deputy President and WASH Project Coordinator



For Every Child, a Fair Chance: The Promise of Equity – a report that makes the case for UNICEF’s commitment to give a fair chance in life to every child – especially the most disadvantaged – in order to break intergenerational cycles of inequity and poverty, and realize universal child rights in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals.  To download the report, please click on