Te rōpū a Ao mō te Mātauranga o ngā Kōhungahunga
World Organisation of Early Childhood
Colour your rights: 30 years with the UN Convention
on the Rights of the Child


On behalf of OMEP Cyprus, OMEP Aotearoa New Zealand wish to invite you to participate in the CREATIVE ART WORLD OMEP PROJECT celebrating 30 years of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Project goal:   To provide the opportunity for children to illustrate their perception of a specific article in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, freely promoting the expression of their thoughts, feelings and understanding through artistic expression.  

Project description:   Children from all OMEP member countries are invited to illustrate their understanding, feelings and thoughts about one specific right  through artistic expression using a variety of ways, approaches and materials which will initially be digitally displayed at the OMEP World Assembly in July 2020. 

Methodology:   Children can express themselves freely around what they understand, feel and think about one specific article on the Rights of the Child.  Children can create a story, a picture or a poster based on one of the children’s rights or can prepare a visual presentation or a video.  Adults are asked to record what children say as they are participating. Children can submit as many artworks as they wish.

Two age groups: 1- 6 years old and 6-8 years old.

How OMEP will use the artworks:
The artworks will be presented in multiple ways: All New Zealand’s contributions will be displayed on our OMEP Aotearoa New Zealand webpage. OMEP Aotearoa New Zealand will select 10-15 pieces to be represented at OMEP World virtual exhibition during the 72nd OMEP World Assembly in Athens in July 2020.  Then OMEP Cyprus aims to create a story (or picture) book of the  children’s works depending on financial sponsors. OMEP Aotearoa may use the artwork in submission to advocate for the Rights of the Child.  

Artistic materials:  All artistic materials are accepted such as: acrylics, colour pencils, aquarelles, watercolours, oil pastels, collage. The  visual art works must be done on heavy paper (preferably on aquarelle paper) on size A3 that is 42 cm x 30 cm. The size can be smaller but not bigger. Children can write text on their work.  It is preferred that adults document children’s conversations separately. This is very important for the exhibition.

DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL BUT PLEASE KEEP IT. Please send the below information with each art piece.  More than one art piece may be submitted by each child. Please ensure consent from child and parent are included (see page 3). Submit the artwork in digital form via email to before Monday 30th November 2020. We are looking forward to receiving artworks from the children.

*OMEP is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1948, working for children from birth to age 8 with the purpose to promote best possible living conditions and quality education for the children. OMEP represents more than 70 countries and has a consultant status at the UN, UNESCO and UNICEF.