OMEP Journals:
International Journal of Early Childhood (IJEC):
The International Journal of Early Childhood (IJEC) aims to bring the global early
childhood community together and to facilitate the interchange of ideas and
information. Its purpose is to contribute to an international and critical scientific
debate about research and practice in the field of early childhood with an emphasis
on children’s rights and general position in society and their education all over the

Theory into Practice:
The idea for a new OMEP publication blossomed in June 2017 during a meeting of
the World Executive Committee. The vision was to create an on-line publication that
would complement the organization’s flagship publication, the International Journal
of Early Childhood, by focusing on best practices, grounded in early childhood
theory and research, and by creating possibilities for practitioners and new scholars
to share their work. In celebration of OMEP’s 70th anniversary, this inaugural issue
of Theory into Practice illustrates both the shared commitments and the diversity of
OMEP’s membership.

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